Review: The Enraged by Brett Battles, read by Scott Brick


51O5yllZMzLBrett Battles is one of the best thriller writers out there and his book, The Enraged, just makes it that more clear than ever. I guess that this is exactly the reason I never miss one of his Thrillers.

This is the 7th book in the Jonathan Quinn Series and picks up where The Collected ended. With one of the main characters dead, one on the brink of losing her life and with so many questions that need answers fast.

The book pictures Quinn, an enraged man, seeking those responsible  for getting his friends in great danger. It seems that a great man has something to hide and he will stop at nothing to keep that thing a secret. With the story jumping from the United States to Isla de CervantesTurkey and Germany  accompanied by a mystery that keeps you guessing at every step, this book is one of the best in the series. Quinn, Nate and their friends are alive and pissed and I found myself caring for their wellbeing.  I’m a big fan of Mr. Brett Battles, enjoyed both The Eden Project and the Jonathan Quinn Series, and I’m always on the lookout for new releases. 

If you need a little background info, Jonathan Quinn is a professional cleaner, the man to call after a wet job is complete. He and his crew will sanitise the scene, get rid of the bodies and leave no clue as to what happened in that place. As you can imagine, this sort of work will get him and his friends into serious trouble from time to time.

Since I listened to the audiobook version I can’t just do a regular book review. I have to say that Scott Brick makes a superb performance for this book, as I was sure he would. Quinn is serious and without patience, Nate is still very young and learning the trade, the entire book is very fast paced and full of intensity and Scott’s narration amplifies every second of it with emotions and great acting.

Scott is not narrating the book, he is acting it, every character has his own voice, you can feel from Scott’s acting every detail, every feeling, I’m sure he loves this series and he is doing his best to get it right. The audiobook version has 8 hours and 36 minutes long and every second of it is a treat.

Mr. Battles is a great storyteller, he never loses or slows the pace, never disappoints and always keeps you up until you finish the book, leaving you waiting for the next adventure with your heart pounding in your chest.

I suggest you listen to the audio version or read The Enraged, it’s a great book, and if this is the first time you hear about this series maybe you should start from the beginning with The Cleaner, a book for witch Brett received high praise from authors like Jeffery Deaver, Tess Gerritsen, Gayle Lynds, James Rollins and many more. The entire series deserves your full attention with events relating from book to book, following multiple plots and delivering exciting adventures for the thriller fans.

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Book Description

The rescue on Duran Island did not go as planned. Jonathan Quinn knows that someone is responsible. That someone decided throwing people Quinn cares about into the line of fire in a cold-hearted act of self-preservation was a good idea. He also knows that this someone has made a serious mistake. Because when Quinn gets mad, the last place anyone should ever be is in his crosshairs. He will not stop until the guilty pay. Sometimes revenge is best served now. from .


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The Enraged (Quinn #7) by Brett Battles

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The Enraged (Quinn #7) by Brett Battles








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