Review: Tom Clancy Commander in Chief by Mark Greaney, read by Scott Brick


51kmpupnmGLTom Clancy has passed away a couple of years ago, but Jack Ryan is still alive thanks to the talented Mark Greaney. I am a big Tom Clancy fan, I read all his books and some of them even twice. I was blown away when he died and, after the shock, I thought that one of my favorite series of all times was gone for good.
As I was saying, Mark Greaney released Commander-in-Chief at the beginning of December, 2015 and he is without a doubt the best writer to continue the Jack Ryan Saga. This is the 19th Jack Ryan book and the 5th written by Mr. Greaney, and the good news is that Commander-in-Chief is his best book yet.

The story is centered around the U.S President, Jack Ryan, his son, Jack Ryan Jr, the former head of Rainbow,  John Clark, the secret organisation known as The Campus, all of them being the good guys, and for villains we have the president of Russia, Valeri Volodin, some ex KGB killers and a few guns for hire. As you can imagine we have a classic USA vs Russia thriller in our hands, or in our ears :), in this case.

This action packed book begins strong and keeps the pace until the end. We have secret submarines roaming the seas, terrorist attacks all over the world, political crisis, an imminent war, oil prices rising, targeted assassinations and in the middle of all this are the two most powerful leaders on Earth, Jack Ryan, the President of the United States and the ruthless Valeri Volodin.

We travel from the White House in Washington D.C to the Kremlin in Moscow, from Lithuania to the Virgin Islands, we live on the razer’s edge with Jack, John, Dom and Ding, we witness a game of power at the highest level and we discover another great adventure, learning new things about weapons, submarines, planes and the encrypted Internet banking and communications systems.

Mark Greaney delivers a gripping new thriller, with a realistic story and unexpected situations. I’m glad the Jack Ryan Series is in his capable hands!

Now, let’s ”talk” a little more about the narrator. As I told you before, Michael Prichard used to record the Tom Clancy audiobooks and he did an excellent job of that. When I think about it, I can hear him, but at some point, I guess that the publisher decided to bring in a new voice and that voice was and still is, Scott Brick. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Michael did and I love what Scott does. They come from different schools and they both are amazing.

Scott Brick reads, or I should say, act’s, with passion. He gives life to President Ryan, to the younger Jack Jr, he does an excellent job with Russian, French, Italian and German accents and he gets the women voices write. I’ll probably say this over and over again, but Scott Brick is one of the best narrators in the audiobook industry.

Grab the audiobook version of Commander-in-Chief for the ultimate narrative experience! Enjoy a great story and an amazing narrator!

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The latest Tom Clancy Jack Ryan adventure thriller written by Mark Greaney, Clancy’s last and most successful collaborator.

Abandoned by other international leaders, Jack Ryan alone counters the threat posed by Russian president Valeri Volodin. This isn’t the first time that the dictator has threatened world peace, but this time he’s playing a very nuanced game, moving chess pieces around the board while isolating Ryan from the rest of the international community.

Fortunately, Jack Ryan, Jr. and the rest of his Campus team find themselves in the middle of action with a vital clue to the Russian’s intentions.



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Tom Clancy Commander-in Chief by Mark Greaney

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        2 thoughts on “Review: Tom Clancy Commander in Chief by Mark Greaney, read by Scott Brick”

        1. Kartik Subbarao says:

          I think Scott Brick handles some sections/voices very well, but in other areas his range doesn’t seem to be as distinct. For example, when Domingo Chavez and Dominic Caruso are having a conversation, it’s sometimes difficult to tell who is speaking. Whereas with Lou Diamond Phillips’s narration, I seem to recall the characters having more clearly differentiated voices — even the subtle distinctions between Jack Jr and Jack Sr.

          1. Admin says:

            You are right, but I guess that it is really hard to be so many different characters at the same time :). I really enjoyed Lou in earlier books but after that he was too busy to record audiobooks because of the Longmire TV Series. Scott is great and as I said in the review, I miss Michael Prichard…

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