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51mK6USBowLMark Greaney is  the number one New York Times Best-selling coauthor of the Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series and he just released book number 5 of his critically acclaimed Gray Man novels.

Let me say this from the start, I’ve listened to all the audio versions of the books written by Mr. Greaney and I enjoyed them all, and my review for the latest Jack Ryan Novel, Tom Clancy Commander-in-Chief, which was released in December, 2015, can be found here.

The Gray Man novels follow Court Gentry, a Black Ops, paramilitary officer that previously worked for the Central Inteligence Agency and now he finds himself hunted all over the world with a Kill on Sight sanction on his head. You should definitely read the first four books in this series, because each and every one of them is very entertaining and that way you can find out more about our hero, but long story short, in Back Blast, Court is back in the United States to get some answers, to clear his name and to dish out some well deserved punishment to those responsible for the manhunt, and you know what the kicker is? It seems that Court Gentry doesn’t have a clue why everybody wants him dead.

Back Blast opens on full throttle, with one of the main characters, Denney Carmichael, the Director of the National Clandestine Service, being whisked away with much heist to the CIA headquarters by his protective detail, on the clear and present danger that the Gray Man is coming for him. Court Gentry a.k.a the Gray Man, codename Violator has just arrived in Washington D.C, after 5 years outside the Continental United States and although he is gunning for Carmichael, at this point he has no weapons or the necessary resources to mount that kind of operation. First he has to find himself a gun and some cash… and from that moment on forward all Hell breaks lose and there’s non stop action the entire 18 and a half hours of the audiobook.

I’m really glad to see author Mark Greaney developing such deep, captivating and interesting characters for the latest Gray Man book. Back Blast answers many questions, delivers on many expectations and puts Gentry in the US, in his country, in the place he loves most and shows a Gray Man stormed by conflicted emotions and disturbing thoughts. Absolutely all the characters are very well written. Gentry is one of the most dangerous man alive, but has some solid moral rules, Denney Carmichael is ruthless in his wish to kill Violator and to rule the CIA and I was impressed to ”meet” a very interesting woman reporter by the name of Catherine King for witch I’ve grown a significant appreciation… I wish more journalist were like that…

Back Blast is the best book from Mark Greaney and that’s saying something because all his previous works are great! Filled with over the top action and scenarios, espionage, covert operations, double and triple crosses, moral dilemmas, betrayals and incredible gun fights, all driven by a solid narrative and vivid lifelike characters this is a book all Thriller fans should experience for themselves.

The audiobook version of Back Blast is performed by Jay Snyder, just like all the other books in this awesome series. He is the perfect narrator to give life to Court Gentry. Jay fills the listener with a sense of urgency and keeps him glued to the earbuds for hours at an end. If you choose the audiobook, you will find yourself immersed in Courts adventures, ignoring phone calls, people talking around and with you and forgetting that you still had some work scheduled, at least that was what happened to me in these last 4 days.

Jay Snyder handles accents very well, he gives different voices to the characters and keeps it easy for the listener to differentiate between them. You can feel the intensity of the action and you’ll hold your breath many times during the performance.

Great job, Jay! Thank you for the entertainment!

Forget about Jason Bourne! The Gray Man is here! Trust me when I say that once you start Back Blast, you will not be able to put it down until it ends and after that, you’ll want more books from Mark Greaney. If you like Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Nelson Demille and others like them, you’ll love Back Blast!

I will adapt a quote from the old Tom Clancy books covers because it fits perfectly for Back Blast: This is Greaney at his best and there is none better!

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back blast mark greaney reviewFrom the number-one New York Times best-selling coauthor of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels comes an all-new explosive thriller featuring the lethal assassin known as the Gray Man…. Court Gentry was the CIA’s best agent. Until the day the agency turned against him and put out a kill-on-sight order. That’s when the enigmatic international assassin called the Gray Man was born – and Court has been working for himself ever since.


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