New Details about The Highwayman: A Longmire Story by Craig Johnson


51kDe++PJhL._SX352_BO1New York Times bestselling Mystery author Craig Johnson just confirmed via his official Facebook Page that the audiobook version of The Highwayman: A Longmire Story will be released alongside the Kindle and print ones.

George Guidall returns for the occasion to bring our favorite characters to life once more. Here is what Mr. Johnson said:


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Sheriff Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear embark on their latest adventure in this novella set in the world of Craig Johnson’s New York Times bestselling Longmire series—the basis for the hit drama Longmire, now on Netflix.

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When Wyoming highway patrolman Rosey Wayman is transferred to the beautiful and imposing landscape of the Wind River Canyon, an area the troopers refer to as no-man’s-land because of the lack of radio communication, she starts receiving “officer needs assistance” calls. The problem? They’re coming from Bobby Womack, a legendary Arapaho patrolman who met a fiery death in the canyon almost a half-century ago. With an investigation that spans this world and the next, Sheriff Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear take on a case that pits them against a legend: The Highwayman.

The Highwayman will be available on May, 17. I listened to all the Longmire Mysteries and enjoyed each and everyone of them. I consider Craig Johnson one of the best mystery writers out there and I think that George Guidall is the best possible choice for this amazing series. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a review for this one when it will be released.



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