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Hello, dear audiobooks fans! I’ve been waiting for a long time for news about this new book from the award winning and best-selling author Brett Battles. As you probably already know, if you’ve followed my blog, I am a big fan of Mr. Battles’s and I’m always on the lookout for new releases by him.

Mine is now available for Pre-Order as a Kindle Download, with a release date of July 19, 2016  and the audiobook version should be coming out at the end of September, published by  Studios. No word on the narrator yet, but I’m sure that as with all other books from Brett Battles someone very good will perform this one as well. In case you don’t know, Scott BrickMacLeod AndreewsVikas Adam and Abby Craden, all top voice over artists, brought Brett‘s fantastic works to life, for years.

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Here is the Publisher’s Summary for MINE:

Something happened that night in the woods at Camp Red Hawk. But all Joel and Leah can recall is sneaking out for a late hike with five camp friends, and that only the two of them and their friend Mike returned. 

They have no memory of what happened to the others. No memory of anything after leaving the camp. 

In the years that follow, they realize something has changed inside of them. They are different from others, in ways they never should be. In ways that send their lives down disturbing and terrifying paths. 

As they grapple with adulthood, their only hope for understanding why they’ve been altered lies with them finding each other again. But how is that possible when their memories of one another have been erased? 


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Keep an eye out here, on AudiobookNews.club for more news and I can’t wait to review this new Sci-Fi Thriller from one of ”Mine” favourite authors…

As a sidenote, The Unleashed is available through the month of July for just $1.99 in Kindle format and for only $2.39 more you can add the excellent audio narration by Scott Brick.


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About the Author

Brett Battles is a Barry Award-winning author of over twenty novels, including Rewinder, the Jonathan Quinn series, the Logan Harper series, and the Project Eden series. He’s also the coauthor, with Robert Gregory Browne, of the Alexandra Poe series. You can learn more at his website: brettbattles.com

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