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Welcome to Channels

Listen to original series from an award-winning team that’s on a mission to take listeners to new places. Plus, engaging playlists crafted by our editors from leading sources. All included with membership, or standalone for $4.95/Month

You’ll find new features, updates, and a wealth of new programs in Channels now, with much more to come. It’s perfect for when you are in-between books or want a shorter listen.

Get ready to hunt for clues with intrepid investigators, think big with bold visionaries, or ‘keep it real’ with fearless comedians. Originals features captivating storytelling from an award-winning team whose mission is to take listeners to new places.

Playlists crafted for every interest
editors choose from sources you trust in journalism, science, entertainment and more, crafting engaging playlists on every topic imaginable.

Included with your membership
Channels, a $4.95/month value, is included with membership. Listen with the app for Android, iOS, or Windows 10.

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Presidents Are People Too!

Presidents Are People Too! turns what was probably one of the least memorable stretches of your American History class into fascinating portraits of real-life people, complete with flaws, quirks, triumphs, scandals, and bodily ailments. Hosted by Elliott Kalan, former Daily Show head writer, and American historian Alexis Coe. 

Mortal City

Former crime reporter Kathleen Horan has a way of getting strangers to talk. And not just any strangers—she finds souls on the fringe of the city—lost souls and irreverent eccentrics mostly hiding in plain sight. Each episode of Mortal City, Horan’s talk show on the street, is defined by the vivid, dark, often humorous stories of its guests

Damned Spot—Coming Soon!

This series looks at what happens to properties after bad things happen on them. Whenever a tragic event happens, our first thoughts turn immediately to the victims. But what about the places where these things happen? The spectacle is the jumping-off point; the story is the aftermath. What does a building or house, and, ultimately, a community need to heal? 

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