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Coercion is a new unputdownable thriller by very talented author Tim Tigner. The book was just released in audio format, after a revised print edition was released last summer and Mr. Tigner continues his collaboration with award-winning narrator Dick Hill. Since I am a big audiobook fan and Dick is one of my favourite narrators of all times and now he is somewhat retired, I always treasure any new occasion in which I can enjoy his brilliant performances. 

The story of Coercion follows Alex Ferris, a former US Army soldier and ex spy as he discovers and after that tries to stop a plot by KGB General Vasily Karpov who wants to bring Mother Russia to its former power by forcing US citizens to betray their country… You’ll be in for a treat as the action is non-stop, the characters are very well developed and the idea behind it all is fantastic and at the same time, terrifying. There were lots of plot twists, a great chase scene through the Siberian wilderness and it even ends with a bang… 

I started listening to Coercion in the evening, stopped it late in the night and picked it right up when I popped my eyes open in the early hours of the next day. Tim Tigner is one of those rare writers that will always surprise you with his stories. You think that you know what will happen? Wrong! You think you know who’s who and what’s what? Wrong! He always delivers a unique experience, stories driven by original plots and you will never forget one of his main characters. 

As I said above, the audiobook version of Coercion is performed by the great Dick Hill. He does a fantastic job with giving life to all the characters by using different voices and accents and by keeping the action going at breakneck speeds, as it was intended in the first place by the book’s creatorDick‘s narration also makes it very easy for the listener to identify each of the characters

Coercion is a great thriller by an always improving writer and the audio version is better than the print one because it is brought to life by one of the best narrators in the Audiobook IndustryTim Tigners writing reminds me of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum. they being two of my favourites authors of all times…

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Author: Tim Tigner
Narrator: Dick Hill
Duration: 10 hrs and 13 mins
Genre: Thriller / Espionage 
Release Date:08-16-16
Publisher: Tim Tigner

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About the Author

Tim began his career in Soviet Counterintelligence with the US Army Special Forces, the Green Berets. That was back in the Cold War days when, “We learned Russian so you didn’t have to,” something he did at the Presidio of Monterey alongside Recon Marines and Navy SEALs.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tim switched from espionage to arbitrage. Armed with a Wharton MBA rather than a Colt M16, he moved to Moscow in the midst of Perestroika. There, he lead prominent multinational medical companies, worked with cosmonauts on the MIR Space Station (from Earth, alas), chaired the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and helped write Russia’s first law on healthcare.

Moving to Brussels during the formation of the EU, Tim ran Europe, Middle East, and Africa for a Johnson & Johnson company and traveled like a character in a Robert Ludlum novel. He eventually landed in Silicon Valley, where he launched new medical technologies as a startup CEO.

In his free time, Tim has climbed the peaks of Mount Olympus, went hang gliding from the cliffs of Rio de Janeiro, and ballooned over Belgium. He earned scuba certification in Turkey, learned to ski in Slovenia, and ran the Serengeti with a Maasai warrior. He acted on stage in Portugal, taught negotiations in Germany, and chaired a healthcare conference in Holland. Tim studied psychology in France, radiology in England, and philosophy in Greece. He has enjoyed ballet at the Bolshoi, the opera on Lake Como, and the symphony in Vienna. He’s been a marathoner, paratrooper, triathlete, and yogi.

Intent on combining his creativity with his experience, Tim began writing thrillers in 1996 from an apartment overlooking Moscow’s Gorky Park. Twenty years later, his passion for creative writing continues to grow every day. His home office now overlooks a vineyard in Northern California, where he lives with his wife Elena and their two daughters.

Publisher’s Summary

Everything is for sale, at some price.

But what does it cost – to buy a country?

One wily Russian general is about to find out.

The phone rings and the offer is made, leaving you only seconds to decide. Betray your country, or watch your family drop dead before your eyes.

After the Iron Curtain’s collapse, Russia appears to be finished as a superpower. But KGB general Vasily Karpov is secretly working to restore Russia’s status by forcing Americans into traitorous acts of espionage and sabotage, with the aid of a new secret weapon. Meanwhile, his biggest target is within Russia, where Karpov is plotting to capture the Kremlin for himself.

Former US soldier and spy Alex Ferris becomes the first to fathom Karpov’s grand plans. Racing from San Francisco to Siberia, Alex must elude ambushes, assassins, and death from exposure as he wages a one-man war against a growing global threat and the resurgence of the Soviets.

Revised edition: This edition of Coercion includes editorial revisions.

Coercion by Tim Tigner

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Coercion by Tim Tigner








        • Fast
        • Story Driven
        • Unputdownable
        • Unpredictable
        • Great Performance by the narrator


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