Review: Pushing Brilliance by Tim Tigner, read by Dick Hill


51eq-bhidlWhen I heard that one of my new favorites authors, Tim Tigner, will launch the 2nd book with Kyle Achilles as the main protagonist I said to myself: Finally, Tim is starting a series and that’s what he should have done long time ago. Being an avid audiobook listener myself, I always prefer series to standalone novels, because I get more attached to the characters and I usually look forward to the next one, if the first was good enough…

This is a short review for the audiobook version of Pushing Brilliance and you can also find my thoughts on Chasing Ivan, the 1st book in this series by following this link.

In Pushing Brilliance we meet once more with ex-CIA operative Kyle Achilles, but this time around he is in big trouble, the personal kind and even the big, bad, Russians are involved. Without me giving anything away, more than the Publisher’s Summary does, Kyle is accused of murder, he has to clear his name and the only ally he has is a drop dead gorgeous Russian mathematician called Katya… but, can he trust her?

The action switches between the United States and Russia and the smartly written plot will keep you guessing until the end. As with all the other books written by Mr. Tigner, the story is told from both the good and the bad guy’s perspectives, while some thrilling events unravel at breakneck speeds.

Tim Tigner is a great writer and Pushing Brilliance is his best book yet, in my humble opinion… All his books are very good, with original plots and memorable characters, but Pushing Brilliance is quite… brilliant :). We have much deeper character development without slowing the pace, the idea behind it all is very intriguing and everything falls in its place just the right way, leaving you very satisfied with the end result.

Tim Tigner and Dick Hill are the perfect example of a good author and narrator pair. I’m sure Dick enjoys performing Tim‘s books and this fact is obvious as well when it comes to Pushing Brilliance. Dick takes his time, reading, acting, using a few Russian accents and he brings Kyle, Katya and others to life with different voices. After listening to probably more than a hundred audiobooks performed by Dick Hill, he feels like an old friend, or should I say, a family member that has just dropped in for dinner to delight the entire room with his storytelling ability…

I am looking forward to the 3rd book in the Kyle Achilles series and will bring you a review of that as well, as soon as I can get my eager ”ears” on it! But, until that time comes I suggest that you try Pushing Brilliance, it’s a great espionage adventure, entwined  with a mystery and the story is told the right way… Fans of Robert Ludlum will love this one!

 Pushing Brilliance

Author & Publisher: Tim Tigner
Narrator: Dick Hill
Series: Kyle Achilles, book 2
Genre: Crime / Mystery / Espionage
Duration: 13 hrs and 54 mins

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Pushing Brilliance by Tim Tigner - Kyle Achilles #2

$ 21,95
Pushing Brilliance by Tim Tigner - Kyle Achilles #2








        • Smart
        • Fast
        • Interesting Plot
        • Thrilling
        • Great Performance by the Narrator


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