Review: In The Garden Room by Tanya Eby, read by Christa Lewis


61axsu4v6klI’ve been listening to Tanya Eby performing lots of audiobooks over the years, but I never could imagined that she can write such immersive stories! When I ”heard” that she has released In The Garden Room, her first book, in audiobook format I’ve asked to review it, but I haven’t thought that it will take me two weeks to break away enough from the story in order to write the above mentioned review…

In The Garden Room is a great drama, filled with deep characters, set in troubled times, tackling some very sensitive subjects… The story follows two young women, a mother and her daughter as they are pooled into a chain of events that no one could have predicted… The beginning of the book is shocking and it will make you listen on, just to find out how and why things stay as such…

Tanya has the abillity to make you feel that you are there, in the story, she makes you see in your mind’s eye what she describes. As the drama moves on you get to know the characters and you can actually emphasize with them and feel their pain. All of this it is so dark and there are some very unsettling things happening in this story that I had to stop listening from time to time, in order to clear my head

She paints the 1910’s Chicago with such vividness that you may fancy to be strangled by the fog and overpowered by the raw smells emanating from the fisheries and meat processing factories…


Beware! This is not a book for the faint of heart, there’s drama, abuse, lost hope, sex, passion, madness, heartbreak and a lot of suffering…freeaudible

In The Garden Room is brought to life as an audiobook, with love and passion, by a great female narrator, Christa G/ Lewis ! This was my first time listening to Christa but it won’t be the last. I enjoyed her performance tremendously and I’ll look for more books read by her! I’m sure that the audiobook version is better than the print one because Christa does a fantastic job with all the characters and she gives depth to an already immersive story. She keeps the listener immersed with different voices and accents, delivering a perfect performance on all fronts…

Congrats to Tanya Eby for a fantastic story and to Christa G. Lewis for a perfect and well acted performance

 In the Garden Room

61axsu4v6klAuthor: Tanya Eby
Narrator: Christa Lewis
Duration: 6 hrs and 51 mins
Genre: Drama / Fiction
Release Date:09-13-16
Publisher: Blunder Woman Productions

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In The Garden Room by Tanya Eby

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In The Garden Room by Tanya Eby








        • Fantastic Storytelling
        • Perfect Performance
        • Dark
        • Immersive
        • Lifelike Characters


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        One thought on “Review: In The Garden Room by Tanya Eby, read by Christa Lewis”

        1. Kit Kolenda says:

          I read the book first. I was enthralled. What a gritty story set at a time when women were not worth much in that part of Chicago. I felt myself go deeper and deeper into the story and was shocked when I finished the book. I didn’t want it to end, yet, it had to have an ending. I want more….so I also got the story read to me. Christa Lewis brought Tanya Eby’s story to life in a way my own reading of it could not. Masterful story telling at it’s best.

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