Review: The Lies of Spies by Tim Tigner, read by Dick Hill


The Lies of Spies is the latest book from talented espionage thriller writer Tim Tigner and the 2nd in his great Kyle Achilles series. The audiobook version was released in December and I am thrilled to tell you what I think about Mr. Tigner‘s newest page turner…

Following on the dramatic heels of Pushing Brilliance, The Lies of Spies pulls ex-CIA Special Operator Kyle Achilles behind the diplomatic curtain and into a cat and mouse game between the two most powerful men in the World. Kyle is a United States patriot, willing to do everything and anything to protect his people and his country… The Russians want Kyle’s head and will pull out all stops in order to see him dead. What’s even worst, Achilles has mysteriously lost part of his memory… What will he do? Who can he trust? When can he find the answers and what are the proper questions?

The story is very creative. If the bad guys win, the United States will suffer a setback that even the hated Osama Bin Laden couldn’t have dreamed of. Without giving away any of the plot, I can say that this is Tim Tigner’s best book yet, and I have read them all with relish! There are so many unpredictable turns and twists that I lost count of how many times I said to myself ‘óh no, this is crazy, what’s next?”…


The Lies of Spies delivers on all fronts! There are powerful presidents, spies, assassins, beautiful women, high tech weapons, chases around the world, gun fights, hand to hand combat that would put Jack Reacher to shame and lots of tense moments with unforeseeable outcomes… We travel from the United States to Russia to Switzerland and back again in a deadly game in which thousands of lives are at stake.

With a great, original and unpredictable story, written with passion, The Lies of Spies will not let you put it down until you finished the last word. If you are a Tim Tigner fan you’ll recognize some well loved, returning characters and you’ll be happy to meet a few new memorable faces, of which I’m sure that we’ll see more in the next books.

The audiobook is brought to life with great professionalism by award-winning narrator Dick Hill. Actually, Tim Tigner dedicated The Lies of Spies to the beloved voiceover actor and I’m one to cheer his decision to do so. Dick deserves it! We get very few audiobooks performed by Dick Hill now, as he is semi-retired and he can pick and choose the books he wants to record, so you can imagine how good Tim‘s thrillers are if Mr. Hill agrees to perform them.

Dick takes his time with each of the characters, he gives them voices, accents, life… He reads with passion, building momentum as dictated by the great plot until the action reaches new highs and everything is put in perspective. By the end of the adventure, around 14 hours have passed and although the plot is tied with a ribbon you’ll be left craving another literary treasure with the Tim Tigner trademark!

I was a big Lee Child fan, but now I’m an even bigger Tim Tigner addict! If you, like me, are not happy with the latest Jack Reacher books, please give Kyle Achilles a chance. I’m sure that you’ll find his adventures more thrilling and unputdownable!

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