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The Nowhere Man is the 2nd fantastic book in the Evan Smoak series of page-turning adventures by The New York Times best-selling thriller writer Gregg Hurwitz. When I reviewd Orphan X last year I fell instantly in love with Gregg‘s work and I found myself backtracking through many of his previously released ”on the edge of your seat” thrillers, enjoying them very much.

Actually, after I was done listening to The Nowhere Man I went on  and bought The Crime Writer, wanting more awesomeness from Gregg Hurwitz.

Spoken about only in whispers, it is said that when the Nowhere Man is reached by the truly desperate, he can and will do anything to save them, but now, he is the one who needs saving.

In The Nowhere ManEvan Smoak tries to help thoes who are truly desperate and by doing so he falls into a devious trap. He is drugged, captured and kidnaped, he suffers unspeakable things at the hands of his assailants, but the only thing that keeps him going is a promise he made to himself to rescue an innocent girl trapped in a shipping container. Evan has to escape, has to save her, but at every step his efforts are in vane and his skills are cleverly neutralized by his ruthless captors.

As if he didn’t have enough on his plate already, his past as Orphan X comes to haunt him when a group of highly trained assassins from the off the books government sponsored Orphan Initiative come knocking, wanting his head. This is all I’m willing to tell you about the plot and I hope I haven’t spoiled anything major…

The Nowhere Man is filled with non stop, over the top action and you’ll find yourself holding your breath from time to time as you cheer on Evan on his quest. Gregg Hurwitz did a great job preparing this book for first timers to the series, but I highly suggest that you treat yourself to both books as there are great and you will understand the story arc better.

Gregg Hurwitz is a fantastic writer and although I liked Orphan X more than The Nowhere Man, I’m really glad that he decided to bring us a series. As I said above, the action is non stop and electrifying, the pace is brutal, the plot is very well thought out and the end result is very satisfying. Evan Smoak is relentless in achieving his objective, he is a live weapon, a beast, a trained killer that want’s to do good but is forced to bring Hell on Earth in order to escape and to keep his promise. He is Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher wrapped in one tough shell. If you mess with him, you are going to pay! I liked that we got more insights into Evan‘s past, into his childhood and into the events that surrounded the Orphan program.

The Nowhere Man is brought to life with skill and passion as an audiobook by award-winning actor and voice over artist Scot Brick. As always, Scott delivers a perfect performance, giving life to each character with different voices and accents. Now he is clinically detached Evan, than a scared little boy, or a hopeless innocent girl and after that a ruthless drug dealer. Scott reads, acts, he builds the action, he keeps the frantic pace, he suffers, he cries, he is angry, or funny, he lives every moment of the story and by doing so he creates another layer of immersion for the already riveted listener.

If you liked Orphan X or any other book by Gregg Hur witz you have to get  The Nowhere Man as soon as possible! I would have listened to it in one stay, but at some point I had to sleep… Evan Smoak will be back for a 3rd adventure and I dare to hope there are much more to come after that one. Gregg Hurwitz is a terrific author and I can’t get enough of his work, plus he seems to like Scott Brick as his narrator and that can only make me more eager for his next book!

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The Nowhere Man: Evan Smoak, Book 2
Author: Gregg Hurwitz
Narrator: Scott Brick
Duration: 12 hrs and 15 mins
Genre: Thriller
Release Date:01-17-17
Publisher: Brilliance Audio

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About Gregg Hurwitz

Short Bio:

Gregg Hurwitz is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 thrillers, most recently, ORPHAN X. His novels have been shortlisted for numerous literary awards, graced top ten lists, and have been translated into 27 languages.

He is also a New York Times Bestselling comic book writer, having penned stories for Marvel (Wolverine, Punisher) and DC (Batman, Penguin). Additionally, he’s written screenplays for or sold spec scripts to many of the major studios, and written, developed, and produced television  for various networks.  Gregg resides in Los Angeles.

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About Scott Brick

The poorest-kept secret in the entertainment industry is that actors write their own bios. It’s true, and they’re almost always self-serving, and every time I’ve written one myself it’s always made me embarrassed. I solved that problem by getting someone else to write this one for me!

Actor, screenwriter and audiobook narrator, Scott Brick definitely gives new meaning to a hyphenate career with credits in film, television, stage and radio.

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