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Out Now: The Black Widow by Daniel Silva, read by George Guidall

Number one New York Times best-selling author Daniel Silva delivers another spellbinding international thriller – one that finds the legendary Gabriel Allon grappling with an ISIS mastermind.  Gabriel Allon, the art restorer, spy, and assassin described as the most compelling fictional creation “since Ian Fleming put down

Out Now: Ice Station Nautilus by Rick Campbell, read by Michael Kramer

Russia’s new ballistic missile submarine, Yuriy Dolgorukiy, is being deployed on its first patrol while America’s newest fast-attack submarine, North Dakota, is assigned to trail it and collect intel. As the Russian submarine heads under the polar ice cap, its sonar readings reveal the trailing American sub

Out Now: The Games by James Patterson, read by Jay Snyder

Don’t let the beautiful beaches of Rio fool you – these games are deadly. Two years ago Jack Morgan – the head of the renowned worldwide investigation firm Private – was in charge of security for the World Cup. During the championship match, the action

Out Now: The Pursuit by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Janet Evanovich, author of the blockbuster Stephanie Plum novels, and Lee Goldberg, writer for the Monk television show, team up once again for the fifth book in their rollicking, New York Times best-selling Fox and O’Hare series! Nicolas Fox, international con man, thief, and one of the top 10

Out Now: That Bright Land byTerry Roberts, read by MacLeod Andrews

That Bright Land is a new Southern Gothic thriller from Terry Roberts, winner of the 2012 Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction. In the summer of 1866, Jacob Ballard, a former Union soldier and spy, is dispatched by the War Department in Washington City to infiltrate

Out Now: Dark of Night by Jonathan Maberry & Rachael Lavin

The dead rose. We fell. The survivors are trapped in a world of monsters who prey on the helpless. Some of them are zombies…but they are not the only predators who feed on pain and suffering. Dark of Night is a story of worlds in collision.

Out Now: Out: A Novel by Natsuo Kirino

Nothing in Japanese literature prepares us for the stark, tension-filled, plot-driven realism of Natsuo Kirino’s award-winning literary mystery Out. This mesmerizing novel tells the story of a brutal murder in the staid Tokyo suburbs, as a young mother who works the night shift making boxed lunches

Out Now: The Girls by Emma Cline

Girls – their vulnerability, strength, and passion to belong – are at the heart of this stunning first novel for audiences of Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides and Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad. Northern California, during the violent end of the 1960s. At the start