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Review: Into the Storm by Larry Correia, read by Ray Porter

Larry Correia is a New York Times bestselling and award winning author. He writes Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Thrillers. I reviewed one of his books a few months back, Son of the Black Sword and loving it so much I decided to try more of his works. He is famous for the Monster Hunter series, which I

Review: Dying for a Living by Kory M. Shrum

Dying for a Living is the 1st book in the Jesse Sullivan contemporary fantasy series by the esteemed Michigan resident Kory M. Shrum. I have to admit that I was very sceptical when I received this audiobook for review, but after talking with a friend and listening to the sample on 

Review & Giveaway: The Unleashed by Brett Battles

Audiobook Review The Unleashed is the 10th book in the Jonathan Quinn series by Best-selling and Award Winning Thriller writer Brett Battles. I got my hands on the version just yesterday afternoon, listened to it late into the wee hours of the morning and picked it right up again

Review: Pandora’s Grave by Stephen England

Pandora’s Grave is the first book in the Shadow Warriors series of thrillers by best-selling author Stephen  England and I’m really glad to tell you that he did a fantastic job with it, setting the stage like an old master of the Adventure genre, instantly pulling the reader into a riveting and

Review: Bad Deeds by Robert Bidinotto (Hunter #2)

Bad Deeds is the second book in the Hunter series by best-selling thriller writer and award-winning investigative journalist Robert Bidinotto. His debut novel into the Fiction genre, Hunter: A Thriller was a tremendous success and this is the much awaited sequel. If you want, you

Review: Bad Traffick by D.V. Berkom, read by Kristi Alsip

Bad Traffick is the 2nd book in the Leine Basso series by bestselling and award-winning thriller author D.V Berkom and it’s one of those stories that will grab you from the first sentences and it won’t let go until the last word. In Bad Traffick we follow the adventures of ex-CIA female

Review: Veil of Civility by Ian Graham

  Veil of Civility: A Black Shuck Thriller is the first book in the Declan McIver series by award winning author Ian Graham and I’m really glad to bring you a review for the audiobook version of this awesome debut novel. Never heard of Mr. Graham before experiencing this immersive